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Doing our Fair Share to Restore the Earth

Happy Month of the Planet Earth! 


This whole month of April, the Philippines celebrates the Month of the Planet Earth, with the theme “Doing our fair share to restore the Earth”. This presidential proclamation was signed in 2008 by the then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and aims to show the commitment of the country to global goals of protecting the planet from environmental degradation and to take steps towards a sustainable future for all. 


However, our country will not succeed in its aims if we do not participate as citizens through collective actions big or small. As a project committed to contributing to Sustainable Development Goals, specifically SDG 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation for all, and SDG 11- Sustainable Cities and Communities, here are some of our tips in doing our fair share to restore the earth! 

1. Appreciate nearby nature and preserve green spaces

Spaces that have trees and plants help cool the surroundings, act like sponges that absorbs water during rains, are home to different insects and animals, and also give us good and positive vibes! If there are still green spaces near you, advocate for its preservation and don’t forget to appreciate the beauty you can find there!

2. Try to have more veggies and fruits in your diet!

As Filipinos, we are voracious meat eaters but eating meat is harming the environment because it demands more resources to produce. Having more veggies and fruits in your diet means less carbon footprint. Yay!

3. Try gardening and growing your own food

This is taking tip #1 and #2 up a notch by using your own hands to create your own green space and grow your food.


4. See how you can connect your profession or hobbies to environmental conservation and restoration.

Whatever your profession is or hobby outside your work-even if not directly related to environmental conservation- there is always a way to connect it with environmental advocacies. You just need to be creative, research and follow tip #5!

5. Find your tribe

Find people or groups with the same advocacies or intentions as you. Learn and discover what you can do together. Right now it is difficult to meet in person so find opportunities online!

Lastly, remember that Doing our fair share to restore the Earth should not just be a month-long Month of the Planet Earth activity. Doing our fair share to restore the Earth is an everyday advocacy. 🙂 PL.

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