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Virtual Orientation on the Production and Use of Fertilizer (struvite) Recovered from Domestic Wastewater

The NexCities Project Team will be conducting a virtual orientation on the production and use of fertilizer (struvite) recovered from domestic wastewater on October 29, 2021. This is the second orientation after presenting the Project to farmers last October 14 and is now intended for the State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), research institutions, and other government agencies.

The objectives of the event are:

  1. To increase the awareness and appreciation of key stakeholders on wetlands, water andsanitation, agricultural ecosystems, and its importance;
  1. To discuss the process and technology in producing fertilizer (struvite) from domestic wastewater; and
  2. To demonstrate fertilizer (struvite) application in vegetable farming and ornamentals gardening.

There will be three (3) learning sessions for this event which will be led by the De La Salle University-Araneta, and the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands. The Project will be discussed in the first session; the second session will be on the overview of the fertilizer industry and its impact on local fertilizer. How the struvite is produced will also be covered; learning session 3 is fertilizer application and demonstration.

An open forum will be conducted after the learning sessions for the audience to voice out their views, comments, and suggestions.

This event is important as it will introduce the NexCities Project to more stakeholders. The team is hoping to get their insights on the acceptability of using fertilizer from wastewater, and the overall process of fertilizer recovery.

NexCities Project Team preparing for the virtual training on October 29,2021

Converting wastewater into nutrient-rich fertilizer for a better city of the future